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Putting your money

where your mouth is...


"So, are you publishing your own books?"

It's a question I've been asked and not had a good answer for.

So here is an experiment I'd like to share...

It's a short story, it's fun, and it's available both in paperback and ebook format. More here.


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    Hummingbird Tales: The Beginning

      Ruth Frazier

   Noggin the hummingbird, the last egg in the nest to hatch, finds that being a hummingbird can be a challenge. How Noggin overcomes his fear of flying and becomes a hero is a story all children can relate to. Author and illustrator Ruth Frazier's delightful pictures will captivate young readers as they follow Noggin's journey.


Andrea Waddell - Sounds of the Soul: Adventures in Time

Sounds of the Soul: Adventures in Time

Andrea Waddell

We knew Andrea wrote poetry, but it was not until after her death that her brother found an opus of poems on her laptop, composed between 2003 and 2009, complete with a preamble and arranged into groups. We, her family, are very happy now to complete Andrea's task and, finally, publish her poems. The work shows who she was: a poet, philosopher, free spirit, daughter, sister, and friend. This book, like her, will inspire, puzzle, and amuse.

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Seedlings: Stories of Relationships

Ethel Lee Miller

We are defined by our relationships. From seven-second meetings with strangers to lifelong bonds among family members, relationships nurture us, challenge us, and teach us not to take ourselves so seriously. Seedlings: Stories of Relationships pays tribute to those connections, honoring the friends, neighbors, spouses, coworkers, siblings, and passing acquaintances who bring meaning to our lives.


The Way It Was
Memories of a Woman Doctor

Dr. Margaret Brisco, one of the first women to be an intern and a resident at Newark’s Martland Medical Center, eloquently captures the challenges of female doctors in the late fifties and the sixties, and how she sought equality within the medical profession overcoming prejudice. Her story has both universal resonance and appeal.

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